Mirae Indus


From the All employees

Welcome to MIRAE INDUS

We Mirae indus create the worldwide best products with our own hands.

I am glad to introduce our company through our web-site and i truly appreciate your visit.

Mirae indus is a specialist in aluminum extrusions and mold fabrication.
and with many years extrusion techniquesm we manufacture high-precision extrusions.

Particularly, in keeping with the increase in use of high-quality household appliances such as LED TV, DAD or Refrigerator air conditioner etc. and furniture, we Mirae Indus put all into manufacturing high-quality aluminum products.

With the delivery accomplishment rated number one in the industry, Mirae Indus responds to customer demands with innovational manufacturing technology and mold fabrication transcending the conventional extrusion limits for products of complicated shape.

We Mirae Indus will do our best in the office and production field with the faith, “We create the worldwide best products with our own hands”
Thank you.

From Mirae Indus All employees